RIM’s first full-touch BB 10 phone to be called BlackBerry Z10?

RIM has a January 30 event on its calendar when it will probably officially announce its new BlackBerry 10 OS and the first smartphones to carry it. We’ve seen them leak several times before, but now a marketing image has made its way to the Internet. It shows the L-Series phone we’ve seen on video before, but this time it comes with a name – the BlackBerry Z10. We also got to see its white version, as the black one was the only one to leak so far.
The L-Series is RIM’s upcoming full-touch BlackBerry 10 line of phones, the ones with a physical QWERTY belong to the N-Series. The first of those phones might be called the BlackBerry X10.
From the specs that leaked earlier this year, the BlackBerry Z10 should pack some decent specs – a 4+ inch screen with HD resolution (720p or WXGA), dual-core Krait processor and 8MP / 1080p camera. That sounds a lot like the Windows Phone 8 current top dogs, so we might see some tough competition between the two platforms.

BlackBerry 10 expeced in Q1 2013

BlackBerry 10 expeced in Q1 2013

Back panel is simple with Camera and centered BB logo, looks rubberized finishing

BlackBerry 10 dev alpha

The next generation BB

The two BB10 Smartphones expected in 2013

BB 10 specs

Dual Core Ti OMAP is real fast and snappy, 356 ppi screen and there will be LTE too

The Three expected BBs in Q1 2013

The Three expected BBs in Q1 2013


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