What can the Mobile-Hungry consumers expect in 2013?

Now that mobile hungry consumers have got their hands-on Nexus 4, One X+, Lumia 920, the great iPhone 5, Galaxy Note 2  etc etc, the list is infinite. There have been so many flagship smartphones we saw in 2012, but the hunger continues. This hunger for new and new smartphones has risen in recent years.

More inquisitive punters and self-proclaimed tech pundits have already started to think about up-coming releases of 2013. Let it be the so-called Ground-Breaking next flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the next so-called iPhone 5S. But 2013 will be totally different, but where to start?

Let’s start with the disclaimer that ‘iPhone 5S’ is a purely speculative tag and, given that Apple only introduced its iPhone 5 in September, the unveiling of its next blockbuster device is still a fair way off. Or is it? One rumor gaining traction has the iconic American firm launching its new iPhone in the first-half of 2013 instead of sticking to its traditional product release schedule, which dictates an autumn arrival for the incremental update. It is sad but Apple is losing its consumer base, as we have seen recently that the sales of iPhone 5 are not as ground-breaking as Apple proclaimed. The sales of iPhone 4S have considerably risen after the price drop reaching almost nearer to iPhone 5 in December. So we can expect a jaw-dropping iPhone 5S by June 2013. The main reason for people opting for smartphones other than iPhone is its screen size. We saw a lot of humorous tweets that ‘The difference between iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 is only an added row of icons’. To get the first place back, Apple will have to consider coming up with at least a 4.5′ screen on the 5S because there are already rumors that the S4 will boast a 4.9′ super HD screen! Drop the worry about the hardware and resolution, no consumer cares about resolution when they hold an iPhone in one hand and S3 in the other, the only thing that Apple lags is the screen size. Even if Apple had considered putting a 4.3′ on the iPhone 5, it would not have lost its glorious spot of being the best manufacturer of smartphones.

As such, the more substantial new iPhone rumor points not to the 5S but a ‘iPhone 5 mini.’ The budget handset would be a scaled-down version of the existing model aimed at emerging markets. It’s an idea that makes great business sense, but we’re still taking it with a pinch of salt – Apple’s modus operandi is to only offer exclusive products, and again we think it is unlikely to willingly ‘dumb down’ its range to make a cheap buck in countries like India and China.

There has been a healthy amount of chatter already, covering everything from the arrival of the world’s first 8-core handset – the ZTE Apache, apparently – to the fate of perpetually beleaguered Canadian manufacturer RIM and its forthcoming BlackBerry 10 platform. The fate of BB lies in the hands of the BlackBerry 10, will the consumers even bother buying the new BB10 just for BlackBerry Messenger? As we have seen that sales of BlackBerry are on a lowest in 2012, sure to say RIM is the biggest loser of 2012. Even BBM has completely fainted after the rise of Whatsapp. Question is that ‘What an BlackBerry 10 do that other smartphones can’t?’ sadly the answer is nothing. Android and iOS and even Windows can do a lot of things that blackberry can’t. BlackBerry is no more that so-called business phone, because the Business related apps on Android and iOS are of far better quality than that of BB. RIM lacks the innovation part, a few years back there use to be craze about BBM but now there are a number of messengers that do a lot of things that BBM can’t. And they are even free of cost  :D, BlackBerry will have to come up with something innovative, like Siri or Google’s photosphere.

But somewhat inevitably, it’s the arrival of the next device from smart phone giant Samsung that has us rubbing our hands with anticipatory glee. Given that it was first released in May 2012, the Galaxy S3 is well into its life-cycle, so it’s only natural that S4 rumors are becoming more and more substantive by the day. As a starting point, we know that Samsung’s next flagship smartphone is indeed called the Galaxy S4, as a company executive let slip the moniker at an event in France recently. What’s less certain is when and where the Korean multinational will opt to unveil the device. On the hardware front Samsung has been setting benchmarks for quiet a few years now since the launch of the first Galaxy S, so we can expect S4 to be on the same tracks. Rumors suggest that it will be a next generation quad-core device with at least 2 GB RAM, a 13MP Camera and a mind-blowing 4.9′ of Super HD resolution screen. And no, there will not any fold able ,bendable or holographic screen such claims and rumors are just fake and lame, the technology is far-off reaches, you can expect such things in may be 2015!!

We can also expect a successor to the Note 2, yep the Note 3 will also show up late in 2013, with a 6- inch screen like in the recent Huawei Ascend Mate. Note 2 shook the market with its sales because it is a perfect blend of what a user wants, a perfect screen , perfect hardware, perfect usability, overall the perfect phablet experience. It sure is the best device launched in 2012.

Speaking of Motorola, its focus on offering phones with solid designs, massive HD displays, and fantastic unmatched battery life along with its new policy in regards to pushing out major Android updates in a swift manner smells like a recipe for success in 2013.We can  look for Motorola to focus on the RAZR series of phones with the same recipe. We aren’t sure what it has in store for next year but with new management in place, the sky is the limit and that’s exciting. It is reportedly developing a so-called ‘X phone’ to compete with S3, the latest Sony monster Xperia Z and Nexus 4.


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