HTC Touch HD2 – The Wolverine of snartphones

The Mighty Mouse of devices, yep the HTC Touch HD 2 refuses to die. Launched in October 2009, this big boy has been successfully running all the operating systems that you can’t even think of. Launched with Windows Mobile 6.5 , this phone has run Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 7.8 , Android (all versions up to Jelly Bean), Ubuntu, Linux’es(including BT5) and MeeGo of all things. There is a new entry to the list, the Windows RT !

XDA Elite Recognized Developer Cotulla has a long track record of doing extraordinary things with Windows devices, and the HD2 is
no exception. After teasing the developer world with what he called a “proof of concept” of getting Windows Phone 8 installed and running on the HD2, he released
the first images of the device running Windows RT. While he hasn’t released any more details as to the full status of the project, the image gallery below should give
anyone who owns the HD2 butterflies of excitement. After viewing the images, you can
stop by the discussion thread to follow along with updates as Cotulla provides them.

And for those wondering why it is the HTC HD2 continues to live and breathe over 3 years after it’s release, it is because the device is completely wide open thanks to
HTC’s old philosophy. They have since gone away from that, which would account for part of their meteoric slide in sales and relevance. When developers can do anything and everything they desire to a device, we get gems like this one. When they can’t, they stop recommending the manufacturer and people stop buying.










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