NASA Sends You an SMS or Email When the ISS is Visible Overhead

For those of you that don’t know what the ISS means, here’s a short explanation. ISS comes from the International Space Station which is the third brightest object that the human eye can detect on the sky, after the Sun and the Moon.

NASA International Space Station

NASA International Space Station

An exhaustive article on Wikipedia will tell you much more, if you’re interested. You’ve probably seen it before with the naked eye, but you weren’t aware it was the ISS. NASA has decided to inform us when the International Space Station is above our houses. To know when the ISS is just over your head, head over to the official page and sign up for alerts. This is a free service, so don’t worry about any costs at all.

NASA’s small program will inform you hours before the ISS will pass above your home, so that you can prepare for the moment carefully. Right now, I can only envy those that have a telescope at home. Spot the Station is free and available from the entire world, you’ll only need a phone number and email. Don’t worry, NASA won’t spam you. Expect to receive notifications from twice per week to twice per month, everything depends on the good sighting of the station.


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