New GTA V screenshots show sharks, submarines and pets.

The screens were posted on the Rockstar site under the headline “Happy Holidays — Enjoy”. So it’s not giving us much to go on. But still, who needs explanations when you’ve got sharks, planes, Rottweilers and more? Click through for the full gallery.

The game looks to be typically gangsterish, with a mean-looking man in a car, and an even meaner dog in the passenger seat. It also looks like water will play a bigger part than in previous games, seeing as one of the shots shows a mini submarine. And what’s that lurking below the surface in another? Why it’s a massive shark of course, eyeing up a particularly tasty-looking diver. So don’t expect the action to let up just because you’re underwater.

Series creator Dan Houser has said previously that this will be the biggest Grand Theft Auto to date, with the map being bigger than Red Dead RedemptionGTA San Andreas and GTA 4 combined. And that’s all so we can do more flying. What looks like a commercial airliner is pictured alongside a fighter jet, with an airship in the background, so we could potentially take control of all three. Imagine the possibilities.

The final picture sees some pretty bad-looking dudes standing in front of a car at night. One of them is on the phone, and from his expression, it doesn’t look like he’s ordering a pizza.

Rockstar revealed the second trailer for GTA 5 last month, a full year on from the first.

GTA 5 Screenshots

What next Rockstar? Can we expect Space Stations??

GTA 5 Screenshots


Jumbo jet in Grand Theft Auto 5

A Jumbo Jet – Surely GTA 5 will take Gaming to the next level {Did you notice the Airship behind?}

Grand Theft Auto 5

Did you notice on who’s sitting with the driver ?

GTA 5 poster

GTA 5 poster

Grand Theft Auto 5

The Cars and environment look much better and polished, the game will surely take the juice out of our rigs.

Grand Theft Auto 5

With such a big map we can expect Heli’s, Jumbo Jets, Fighter Jets and not to forget Submarines too.

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5

Fighter Jet 😀


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