Samsung Galaxy S IV leaked press release shots?- WHO LET THE FAKE’S OUT???!!

Fake Galaxy SIV

Fake Samsung Galaxy S4 images

Why the image is Fake?

Here’s your answer

  • The Home button is iconic for the Galaxy series; killing it would be incredibly stupid, also ergonomically (waking up a large device with the power button is just a less experience).
  • Camera Button missing.
  • Wrong Volume Rocker placement, Samsung will get placement issues unless they make Volume Rocker less sensitive
  •  It would be the first time in history Samsung uses the same speaker grill, sensor layout on the front, and shape for a flagship device.
  • Looks very much like the S2.
  • The design is a complete fail.
  • May wouldn’t be a good time for launching S4, I expect it to arrive late 2013, may be in Q3.

AND THE GALAXY S4 WILL NOT HAVE ANY HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAYS OR FOLDABLE SCREENS… Accepted they are under testing but this is just the early stage, don,t expect phones with fold’able screens at least up till 2015..  Go hell with the rumors they are just for increasing their views and visitors of their websites…


Fake Galaxy SIV

Fake Galaxy SIV Launch date


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