White Nexus 4 is now Official: Should you be bothered?

LG officially announced the White Nexus 4, it will go on sale in Hong Kong from May 29, 2013 and will be available in other parts of Asia, Europe, North America and the middle East over the next few weeks. Pricing will be the same [However, if you are from India and stay in New Delhi, you can get one near Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi at 26K].
White Nexus 4

White Nexus 4

White Nexus 4

White Nexus 4



Sadly, there are no changes except the color and the build number that has changed from ‘E960’ to ‘E960W’. The phone is having the same hardware specs as the previous Black Nexus 4 i.e. SnapDragon S4processor with 2 GB RAM and a 8 MP Camera. Yep, the white color does make the phone look sexier at the back[The front is still black], but according to me it is a bit girlish  😀 [I am happy with my black Nexus 4].

The second announcement was another let down where Kim Wong, head of LG Europe said,

“There are currently no plans for a Nexus 5 made by us. We don’t need that kind of marketing exposure anymore. The Nexus 4 was a great succes, even with the supply issues and we have a great relationship with Google. But we won’t make the Nexus 5.”

LG had great issues pertaining to supply issues, buyers from countries like India and Brazil had to wait for as long as 6 months for getting their hands on the Nexus 4. So, now who is going to make the next Nexus?

Samsung have already made a Google edition GS4, so it may be Sony? Sony have a great reputation in terms of build quality and supply, nut they are bad at pricing. Or it can be the HTC who had already made the Nexus One, which was phenomenal in those days being the first Nexus device. We will have to wait and watch.


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